Be Mine Glitter Box

Glitter Addict

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6 chunky glitters Glass jars 
10 new hand mixed glitters Glass jars 1/4 oz each

 Loose highlighter 

1 glitter glue

24 piece set glitter

Medusa, Snow, Purple, Sea Dollar, Dusty Rose, Luxe, Penny, Golden Peach, Fairy Dust, Gold Flakes, Unicorn, Velvet, Mint, Be Mine, Baby Doll, Love, Pink Hearts, Nutmeg, Tulip, Lavender Kisses, Gold Digger, Pheromone Glow, Sparkle


4 glitters are repeated from our 38 piece glitter set

10 new glitters not sold separately 

6 chunky glitter

1 glitter glue

Valentines edition